5 Digital Marketing Tips During the Coronavirus

What you can do for your Minnesota business to stay on top of your game during the Coronavirus outbreak and moving forward into the future.

1. Make Sure Potential Customers are Able to Find You Online

During a time of social distancing to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, more and more people are going to be heading online to go about business. This means online traffic in general will be increasing and more potential clients will be searching on Google and other search engines for businesses that can still service them. If you are one of the businesses that are listed essential or are accommodating the guidelines for safety during this pandemic, you need to be letting customers know! This can be a perfect time to refine your online presence and start bringing in customers through your website or other online channels.

You want to make sure your business is utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) tactics like Local SEO, On-Page SEO, and Technical SEO to make sure your website is optimized to give you the best chance of showing up to a potential customer or client. If your business has slowed down this can be a perfect time to get up to speed with your online presence and make sure you are doing all that you can be to succeed in 2020.

2. Use This Extra Time to Analyze Your Current Online Presence

Business in Minnesota may have slowed down temporarily, but the time will come where this has passed. Why not use this time wisely? Use this down time if you have it, to make sure your businesses online presence is in tip top shape. Take a look at your website’s analytics. See how much traffic your website has been generating each month, how many forms have been getting filled out, how many customers have purchased a product on your website, which keywords are you ranking well for, and which keywords do you want to improve on.

This can also be a great time to look at the front facing branding of your business online. Maybe you’ve had the same stagnant website for years and you need a refreshing look. Maybe you need some new marketing materials designed to get ahead of the curve when this social distancing period has ended. At OmniSence Digital we can design and build all of your materials for you, including: A website re-design, marketing materials and handouts, sign design, business cards, and more! We can do this all remotely which is great because we can still be efficient without risking health and safety hazards!

3. Come Up With a Coronavirus Marketing Plan

To clarify, start brainstorming ideas for deals, specials, and other ideas to show your current and potential clients you appreciate them. The sooner the better during this time of uncertainty. People may be uneasy about the market, their investments, and their income during a time like this, so people will be searching for the absolute best price and special deals during this time! Make sure you’re one of the businesses capitalizing on this and giving your customers what they want. Through a well managed social media platform, digital advertising, and website updates you can relay this information to your customers and potential customers efficiently.

At OmniSence Digital we offer different levels of marketing plans tailored to your business that cover all of these important aspects of your online presence to make sure your business is always staying up to date. This gives you time to do your job while we do ours!

4. Paid Digital Advertising

What better way to show up on top of the search engines than paid ads?! With a strategic marketing plan and a good PPC strategy your business can survive this drought and come out profiting now and into the future. Due to the Coronavirus, many companies have been scared off of PPC and in turn the cost to run a paid advertisement has decreased! This is good news for those business that want to take advantage of the lower pricing and give paid advertising a try, maybe even for the first time.

Most Minnesotans love supporting local business, and if your business is showing up at the top of Google’s search and you’re still providing essential services you have a much higher chance of getting business during this time. You may even be surprised at the amount of new customers you can reach during this time and even after the fact when you follow and strategic paid advertising marketing plan.

5. Keep Your Customers Updated Frequently on All Platforms

Customer appreciation and community involvement is very important in Minnesota, and when it comes to your business in Minnesota, people love to see you’re doing everything you can to help! Work on keeping your supporters updated frequently on social media and your website and let them know anything important your business is involved in during this pandemic. Whether it be promotions, community volunteering, hour changes, etc. Your customers and supporters will greatly appreciate staying in the know.

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