About Us

OmniSence Digital is a Minnesota based Digital Marketing company. Our goal is to make your business grow. If you're winning, we are too.

The Best of Both Worlds.

We pride ourselves on offering quality digital marketing services you’d expect from a larger organization with the luxuries of working with a small business. When you partner with OmniSence Digital you can expect to communicate directly with the people that are doing the nitty gritty work to grow your business online. No more playing telephone and waiting days or weeks to see modifications or updates to your website or other online platforms.

We know many businesses have had a negative experience when it comes to digital marketing and growing their business online. We know this because we’ve heard it, and we’ve seen it. We work hard to accommodate all of our clients creating a work flow and communication flow that suits them.

High-Touch & In-House

We do all of our web design, maintenance, photography, videography, drone, search engine optimization, and advertising services in-house; we don’t outsource it. This means when you communicate with us, you’re speaking with the people doing the work for your business. We’ve found that this leads to more clear communication, expedited results, and happier clients.

And when our clients are happy, we are too.

Make Digital Marketing Work For You.

start making digital marketing work for YOU and let us help you succeed online

When you partner with OmniSence Digital, you’re getting a team of professionals dedicated to growing your business and making it look great. It’s a no-brainer

109 Rice St. S Jordan, Minnesota 55352

P: 952.693.0100
E: sales@omnisence.com