Digital Marketing and AI

Digital marketing has become one of the most effective and easiest forms of marketing to get into for the past few years. What’s more, digital marketing has become a profession in itself that has allowed those who aren’t tech savvy enough, or those who are too busy running their own business, to advertise their products and services. Digital marketing agencies (like us!) use an abundant of online programs and sources to define the most relevant customer base for products and services, exponentially increasing the capabilities of a business, by increasing visibility in the sea of the world wide web. 

While digital marketing has been evolving each year, recently there has been some implementation of artificial intelligence. The introduction of artificial intelligence in a field like digital marketing has potential to exponentially increase the capabilities of data collection, analysis, and even application. 

Right now, there are three major ways that have been identified that shows a productive interaction with AI and digital marketing. 

User Experience 

Customer experience is one of, if not the most, important part of the digital marketing interaction. This means the content provided by the digital marketers is relevant to the customer and their business and will have a strong ability to remain relevant in a viewer’s mind well past the marketing Ad. The relation to the viewers will dictate their interest in your products and services, and become the ground upon which your business will be built through advertising. The AI’s data collection capabilities provide a bolster to this specific functionality, using data like location, historical data, past behaviors and other variables along the same line. This will give the potential customers the feeling of individuality. 

Predictive Customer Behavior

Personalization is only the first step, and while important, is not enough for the selling of a product or service. 

Artificial intelligence can use data management platforms (DMP’s) to collect data from second and third-party sources, meaning information can be gathered from places other than your site, increasing the range of understanding of your customer base, leading to the development or more dynamic marketing strategies. 

While AI is still an infant in the world of technology, it’s abilities that are prevalent currently are more than capable of providing an effective increase in marketing capabilities. 

Real Time Customer Support

If you have a problem, you will want it solved instantly. We are all in need of a quick and concise solution when things go awry. Currently Chatbots and online messengers are the most used methods for these situations. The problems is that both of these solutions have the ability to become totally useless if a large scale issue occurs.  Chatbots can only provide simple responses and functions, whereas online messaging has waiting lists, and let’s not forget the infamous phone support that feeds unending samples of elevator music and “dropped” calls. 

While Chatbots seem like limited functionalities right now, with more advanced AI incorporation’s coming sooner than later, their abilities to provide “human-like” interaction will become furthered, increasing their usefulness. Currently despite their somewhat limited interactions, chatbots are among the most desired problem solving options, as they are generally easier to interact with and provide somewhat quick resolutions to simple questions and problems. 


Artificial intelligence will continue to grow exponentially while our technological understandings further develop as a society. Beginning to incorporate AI into your digital marketing methods would be best done sooner rather than later, as it will provide a leg-up when they become more elaborate. 

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