Google Chrome October Update

Google Chrome 70, an update that has started to drop as recently as yesterday, holds the potential to break  hundreds of sites. Thanks to the improvement of Chrome’s security, users may start finding some indications that the sites they use are no longer safe. This question of safety that arises is thanks to Google’s implementation of HTTPS notifications for certificates that are still using old symantec HTTPS certifications. What this means is, if sites that have not update their HTTP certification to the new version, Chrome will flag the site as unsafe, potentially harming interaction with these sites. Some sites that have already been indicated as being flagged are the government of Tel Aviv and Penn State Federal Credit Union, and also many Indian government sites. These vital sites being flagged as unsafe may lead to distrust in the business and brands, leading to some shifts in users.

Why Did Google Do This?

Google made this decision to try and pressure everyone else into updating their HTTPS certifications due to the discovery of the certificates being handed out improperly. So as a power-play, Google has decided to use it’s major influence as the top search engine and ensure other businesses and sites have updated certificates, and to stop being cheap when it comes to the security of others. That being said, the sites affected once this becomes a prominent issue are sites that are either unaware of the security risks with HTTPS symantec, or are trying to slide-by and not purchase the updated certificates until absolutely necessary. Sadly there will be a few that will wait or maybe not have the means to update their certificate until it becomes absolutely necessary.

What Does this Mean for the Future?

As Google gears up for the worldwide release of this Chrome update, it may only be a precursor to what’s to come. Google has been a leader in the technology world for a long time and paves the way for most all of us. That being said, we can expect to see some more pressure by them on other businesses and site to increase their security capabilities for the betterment of us end users.

What do you think about the update to Google Chromes security? Do you think it was a bad move? Do you think Google is using their power for good? Let us know!

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