Huawei Cancels Laptop Launch Due to US Export Ban

Smartphone company, Huawei, were planning to announce a new Matebook laptop this week. Unfortunately, the company has cancelled the launch of the device because of a blacklist that prevents Huawei from selling their products to the US. It is unknown if or when the product will launch.

The US has restricted Huawei from sales to the US. This poses an issue because Huawei uses the Windows Operating system as well as Intel chips in their Matebook Laptops. “Huawei had previously planned to unveil the new Windows laptop at the CES Asia 2019 trade show in Shanghai this week.” according to The Information.

Last month, the US put Huawei on a list that restricts the sales of technology from the US to Huawei. It is argued that Huawei could help the Chinese government spy on the US, but they have denied all accusations. They have also replied asking for evidence. Depending on how long Huawei is on this blacklist for, the new Matebook laptop may never be released.