Online Ordering For Your Restaurant

Setup online ordering for your restaurant. Customers will love you for it.

A Mental Checklist For Your Online Ordering System

A Mental Checklist For Your Online Ordering System

  • Just Having A System Isn't Enough

    To maximize your benefits from Online Ordering your system needs to be visually appealing and easy to use. Nobody wants to order from a site they can't figure out, or one that doesn't work on their device of choice. Everything from layout, to fonts, to your button designs can alter the impression your site leaves on customers.

  • The System Needs To Work On Mobile

    The system needs to work just as well on Mobile as it does on the main Website, most people already order from their favorite restaurants online, if your system doesn't work well on Mobile you're leaving potential customers on the table! Mobile functionality is paramount, but you don't need an expensive App. A unique design for Mobile visitors will need to be created in parallel with the Website.

  • Food Customization Is Essential

    Food Customization is a great way to make your restaurant appeal to a broader range of tastes. This functionality can be built into the Online Ordering system and helps your customers get exactly what they want, and nothing they don’t.

  • High Quality Photo & Video of Your Food

    High quality photos of your dishes and other offerings can be a great addition, and new customers want to see what they're getting! Stock Photos don't represent the unique food that you create, and poor quality photos are not visually appealing. A modern Smartphone can produce decent results, but professional photography and videography of your work can take the visual appeal to the next level. OmniSence Digital specializes in professional Photography and Videography.

Customers Love Convenience.

Customers Love Convenience.

Ordering Online is highly convenient for your potential hungry customers! It saves you and your customers time by avoiding lines, reducing phone call load and your customers’ time spent out and about picking up their meal.
With both desktop and mobile functionality, customers can order whenever and wherever they want! Online Ordering is essential for maximizing your reach and customer satisfaction.

For a successful Online Ordering system you need to have the right strategy and a good technical solution. At OmniSence Digital we’ll with you to make sure you have exactly that! We’ll discuss with you your current systems and find the best Online Ordering solution for you and your customers. We make sure your online ordering solution is as easy as possible to use so that everyone has a good experience.

Online Ordering may just be the deciding factor between a new customer and being looked over! Contact OmniSence Digital today for a free consultation at (952)-693-0100.

A Recent Implementation Of Online Ordering

A Recent Implementation Of Online Ordering

We recently helped launch a local Mexican restaurant’s Website and Online Ordering implementation. “Delia’s All-In-One” Mexican Restaurant started with Catering and Food Trucking and recently moved into the Restaurant business. Initially it was a take-out style restaurant with limited sit-down space. This made it essential for them to have Online Ordering and customers loved the convenience factor it added.

For Delia’s we implemented a Clover Online Ordering system with their custom built Website and made it super easy to use for the customers. They’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the community and are very grateful to still be serving their amazing food to customers through the Minnesota COVID-19 Safety orders.

Click on the button below to take a look at Delia’s Online Ordering implementation designed and built by OmniSence Digital!