Search Engine Optimization


As the web expands, so does the variety of tools that can help us advertise our businesses and services online. However the most common problem still seems to persist, and that problem is being a needle in the world wide haystack. The frustration lies in the sheer amount of options that exist in the same field as your business or service. So how is anybody supposed to get ahead and break into their field of services when there is already such an established footing? Search Engine Optimization is the key to this questions answer.

Everyone turns to search engines for the most trivial things, and this still holds true for the more complex and important things. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and any of the others, are a quick and resourceful option  for research, discovery, curiosity and anything else you can think of. Our technological society has basically established itself around the capabilities of search engines to help in everyday essentials. So how can we use this to our advantage when it comes to advertising services and businesses? Simple, become one of the top five pages of the search engine results! We know what your thinking, “easier said than done”, and while this is true, it is much easier to accomplish with the help of those who understand the algorithms and mechanics of search engines (like us at Omnisence!). This is where the “optimization” enters the picture. To “optimize” your search engines is to create content in a manner that establishes a refined use of wording, layout, and relevancy so that when anything pertaining to your service or business is searched on Google or any engine, your site will be among the top to be shown as a result.

Omnisence Optimization

As a part of our services as Digital Marketing Consultants, we are well versed in the underlying mechanics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that we can help advertise client’s services and business in an effective manner. With our extensive network that is outstretched across the web, we can develop a portfolio with the currently known “big dogs” of any particular field of business, which will allow us to establish the market identifiers and the specific indicators needed to use in advertising your sites and services. We don’t stop there however. Understanding the current keywords and indicators of a market is simply the beginning for breaking into the top five page results when a search engine is used.

Our goal is to advertise your content in the most refined and established manner to get your services to those who want them, hence our slogan “Your Presence Everywhere”. We use other techniques and tools in conjunction with key words to give you a strong basis that will be identified as an established site when scanned by search engines.

   Local Search Optimization

Starting with local search optimization, we get those who are nearest your services the information they need. This will increase the current client population and possibilities for your business right off the bat, allowing you the trial and error needed to proceed to larger client bases.

       Social Media Platforms

Once your established at the local level, the next step would be to expand your services to those further away through the wildfire that is social media. Social media offers multiple kinds of platforms in varying functions that will allow for reaching several groups of people and will become a self propelling function through the popular “share” buttons established on most all of these social media sites. This will exponentially increase the interactions with your online site due to the increased amount of visibility. Even if your site is seen by just scrolling through something like Facebook but it isn’t interacted, it will still establish the possibilities of “word of mouth”, one of the strongest forms of advertising.

Link Building

Link building is basically like being introduced to a whole new group of people through a mutual friend. Link building is the concept of your sites link being established on an already popular and high traffic site, allowing for the unspoken notion that the popular site trusts you and your services or products. This form of advertising comes second to “word of mouth” advertising because its capabilities of bringing your site up in popularity is so significant. Other businesses don’t just accept your links on their site because they want to be nice, they will also be gaining something from the interaction. As it goes, the placing of your link onto another site is two-sided, meaning an exchange, and they get to advertise their site on your website as well. Just as you will gain increased groups of people to your site and business, so too will the other site. A win-win.


SEO, Link Building, Social Media Advertising, and Local Search Optimization are all powerful tools to have in your tool box if your intention is to gain a footing online. We at Omnisence work with your goals and use all of the aforementioned techniques, plus many many more resources to establish your site in the necessary fields of business.



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