Website Services

Maintenance. Support. Functionality. Utilization.

Website Maintenance Throughout Contract

We keep up with the security & updates of WordPress sites so that you don’t have to.

WordPress Support & Coaching

With our extensive WordPress knowledge we can advise and teach.

Search Engine Optimization (SE0)

Word optimization allows us to increase your online presence and website traffic.

Local Company Search

Ensuring your business shows up and your services are known to your local community.


Our services fall in the area of “online presence” which is advertisement using online platforms, but in a manner that is efficient and uses complex algorithms to our favor, helping to boost the number of people that see your content. We also provide content development with our abundant stock of resources which include 450,000+ images and 100,000+ stock videos along with custom licensed WordPress plug-in’s which can be licensed for you to use, our customers! Not only that, but we also specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in conjunction with google adwords, which will help increase the ranking of your content on search engines like Google, and improve the capabilities of your products and services being seen! Of course, we also offer the more technical needs such as coding capabilities involving Javascript, jQuery and HTML.

As a way to follow up on our services and allow you to see the effects they have on your business, we give monthly updates which involve website analytics to show you the traffic your attracting and the efficiency of your website on a timeline to show progress or need for improvement.

If your interested in learning how to make your own website to become a more self sufficient business, we also offer website consulting which helps the end users (you) develop your own websites, content and SEO management.

Omnisence also has services that help advertise your business’ location and looks, with the help of aerial photography, web videos and photoshop capabilities.