WordPress Over the Rest.


WordPress Over the Rest.

What Is WordPress & Why Do We Use It?

WordPress is a custom website building platform that allows for unlimited possibilities when it comes to the design and functionality of your business’ website! We love wordpress for its vast collection of free and premium plugins and for its ease of use capabilities for making your business’ website responsive – meaning it will look great on all devices, like your mobile phone and tablet. 

Don’t just believe us that WordPress is great. About 1/3 of all websites on the internet are currently on the WordPress Platform!

Building a Long-Term Online Presence for Your Business

It All Starts with a professional looking, high functionality website that promotes conversions! 

The Benefits of WordPress:

WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management Solution) – This is good news, because it allows for tons of competition with plugins and themes which is why there are such endless possibilities when it comes to the design and function of your WordPress website!

WordPress is great  for scaling your business, whether your a small business just starting out, a medium sized business with tons of growth, or a large business WordPress can work for you!

WordPress makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) easy! There are some amazing SEO plugins available for WordPress, and they’re as good as it gets. With these plugins you can be sure your website will be optimized for SEO and start ranking on keywords and searches. 

With WordPress you fully own your website and you choose your hosting platform. This means you can choose a fast third party hosting provider and you’re not locked in or forced to use a specific platform. Also since you fully own your website, you’re not paying a monthly fee to keep your website up, like you would be doing with the “Do-it-yourself” builders that are out there. 

In the long-run WordPress is our choice for professional, long-term, serious businesses that are looking to grow and build their presence online! 


The Difference (WordPress Vs. Wix, Weebly, and other "Do-It-Yourself" Builders


Do-It-Yourself Builders (Wix)

Full Ownership of Website

50,000+ Plugins

11,000+ Themes & Limitless Custom Theme designs

SEO is Great

Very Easy to Scale – Small, Medium, Large Businesses 

Can Be More Expensive in the Short-Term, but More Cost Effective in the Long-Term

Monthly fee – they own your website

200+ apps

500+ Themes

SEO is Good

Works Better for Smaller Businesses 

Cheaper in the Short-Term, but Can Be More Expensive in the Long-Term

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