Windows 10 is trying to make Microsoft Edge the only safe option


Recently reported, Windows 10 is going to start attempting to warn users when installing a non-edge browser. As of right now, there are beta testers currently getting an early interaction with Microsoft’s upcoming Windows update that is set to release October 2018. As the testers have gone through some parts of the update, there has been a recurring common occurrence, a frustration at Windows attempt to persuade users away from using non-edge browsers.

When users with the Windows update attempt to install a non-edge browser for the first time, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Vivaldi- the beta users are prompted with a “warning” message attempting to dissuade the users from running the applications. Technically, it isn’t a “warning” and there is no actual blocking of the applications use or even installation, however the manner in which the message is composed, it implies that the outside web browsers are a potential dangers to the system.

For the record, Google Chrome and Firefox have not become a danger to computers. Chrome and the other major web browsers are still just as safe to use as before the Windows update. Right now we are hoping that the prompt is something that will be worked out before the release of the October update, however if it is not, worry not, the message only occurs one time, and once dismissed will not be a problem again.

While we aren’t sure if this rather disingenuous attempt will remain in the update, we do know that no matter which browser you choose to go with you will be just fine. There is no clear cut difference in the security performances of Edge over the other web browsers to worry about it at all, so if the message does pop-up with the update, just hit ignore and browse away.


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