WordPress 5.0 Is Here!

WordPress, the widely used website builder that is used and trusted by many for its many customizable capabilities and easy to use interface, has gotten an update. WordPress has now been updated to version 5.0, and this update has been one of the most anticipated updates since the release of WordPress 15-years ago. The name of the update is “The Gutenberg Project” and began in January of 2017, and since then, has gone through rigorous testing and improvements thanks to the thousands of members of the community.  Not only has this update and Gutenberg plugin been worked on and refined through the community, they have also been extensively tested across more than 600,000 websites, making this the fastest growing plugin and update in WordPress history!

Just like any release however, there are always questions that must be answered to help ease any worries that may arise from those who have had bad experiences with updates to core products that could affect someones everyday life. Below we will be shedding some light on such questions and worries to help those in the community that are weary of the new update and plugin to be more comfortable with the changes. 

The Most Prominent, “Do I Have To?” 

While updates and new versions are released to help address any and all known issues with something, not everyone is so inclined to having changes in their daily requirements. So to answer the most prominent question of “do I have to update?”, the answer is yes, and no. 

While we recommend you to update all forms of your hardware, software, and so forth, you don’t have to use the updated features and plugins. WordPress has created something called “The Classic Editor” plugin, that will allow you to update to 5.0 and benefit from the security and functionality improvements while also keeping the well known and classic user interface. It’s kind of like updating the coffee machine without messing with the perfect cup of coffee each morning. 

The Classic Editor plugin will affect the entirety of a site, and have plans for more fine-grain control in the future as well as flexibility. 

If your interested in the capabilities and interactive experience of Gutenberg you can test drive the plugin at WordPress.org/gutenberg and see whether or not the classic edition is what you would prefer!

The Future of WordPress

While right now there is the option of choosing the classic edition or Gutenberg plugin of Version 5.0, the future of WordPress is planned around the capabilities of Gutenberg. WordPress hopes that the flexibility and fine-tuned interactions of Gutenberg will become synonymous for the default WordPress editor in the future. 

WordPress had been leaning their community towards learning JavaScript because the future of web technology was heading toward talking to APIs, and as a symbol of that reality, Gutenberg is their first stepping stone that features major API interaction. 

Gutenberg also gives way to plugins for access to publishing a site and allows for the elimination of what is currently necessary in custom admin screens. In the past, WordPress was mostly and on-screen way of editing, however as WordPress develops further, the transition into “block-editing” is becoming more real. Gutenberg is a prime example of block-editing, where each block placed is it’s own starting point, taking up it’s own interface. Even though each block has it’s own interface, the project as a whole is still there, and you’re offered so much more in terms of advanced customizability. Gutenberg also features translations into many different formats, meaning it ca publish to your webpage, RSS feed, AMP, and more! 

WordPress’ 5.0 update is considered to only be the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. Gutenberg’s structural nature and semantic HTML properties allow for a currently unparalleled interaction between WordPress and other applications. The only direction is up for WordPress, so you would be hard-pressed to miss out on such exciting online capabilities for your everyday online needs! 

If you have any questions in regards to WordPress functionality for a business or otherwise, give us a call at Omnisence today! Our expertise with WordPress and it’s capabilities stretch far beyond most. 

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