Prepare Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

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Many people often prefer small, local businesses to established brands when the former has a distinct identity and offers a personalized experience. With that in mind, ensure the social media marketing strategy you develop for 2022 leverages your brand persona.


The goal of your strategy is to use social media to extend your reach and expand your customer base. Implementing the strategy should sharpen your understanding of your customers’ needs and empower you to maximize the value you offer.


Here are a few pointers to developing a social media marketing strategy that unlocks your business’s growth.


Master Your Target Audience

Many marketers don’t leverage social data as a tool to improve their understanding of their target audience. This allows you to use social media data to build your online presence. Thankfully, social media is awash with the data you need to fuel your marketing strategy.


You just need to know where to look. For a start, you can identify the right combination of social intelligence tools. Different social media platforms attract different types of audiences, so keep the following in mind when developing your social media marketing plan for 2022:



Identify the social media platforms where your target audience prefers to hang out and focus most of your efforts on creating content that drives engagement on those platforms.


Set Clear Marketing Benchmarks

You want to create a social media marketing strategy that minimizes costs and maximizes the utility of your resources. So the last thing you want is to eyeball estimates and make it up as you go along. Instead, set up social media marketing benchmarks to help evaluate how well your strategy is performing.


Make sure all your decisions, from benchmarking to performance evaluation, are backed by data. For example, you can use Page Insights on Facebook to develop a data-driven brand awareness strategy. Clear benchmarks focus your social media marketing efforts from creating your campaign to setting milestones to defining targets.


Develop a Powerful Brand Persona

The customers you win on social media show up for the goods or services you offer and stick around for the customer experience. So, make sure your social media marketing strategy is consistent with your brand’s personality, tone and voice. The following questions can guide you as you define your brand persona.


  • What values does your brand espouse?
  • What are your other main interests besides business?
  • What is your brand’s tone (informative, authoritative, friendly, humorous, serious, etc.)?


Your social media marketing strategy for 2022 should incorporate your brand’s character and reflect your business’s distinct personality.


Create a Winning Game Plan

An effective social media marketing strategy for 2022 requires more than just being a presence on social media platforms. You must initiate interesting conversations and create vibrant communities. Contact OmniSence Digital and let us help you develop a successful social media marketing strategy.

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