Short-Form Video Content Is Key to 2022 Marketing Strategies

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Did you know that the digital marketing software market reached over $56 billion in 2021? As part of digital marketing, content marketing and creating video content are a huge part of that.


That’s why short-form video content is crucial to business marketing strategies in 2022.


But how exactly can you use video for marketing? Read on to learn how!


Why Should You Be Marketing Short-form Video?

You may first be asking why use short-form video content? What can you really get across in just a few seconds?


Well, everything. People can only stay engaged for about 10 seconds on average, which means short-form video content marketing is the way to go.


The videos are authentic, relatable, and quick. Because of that, you’ll get more engagement than you would on a longer video.


Many platforms are also making short-form content reach go further, meaning that the more you use it, the more you are likely to grow. 


How to Make Videography for Marketing

There are a few tips to make sure that the videos you make for marketing content actually work. Here are a few.


Tailor the Videos to Each Platform

The videos that you put on YouTube are going to look different than the ones on Instagram. Videos that you put on TikTok may even look different from the ones you put on Instagram.


Stay up to date with the trends on each platform to know how to tailor your video content.


Be Authentic 

No one wants to watch a video from a brand that doesn’t seem authentic. To stand out, your content needs to be real. It needs to be your brand and only your brand that is speaking to the audience.


If you include photography in your videos, make sure that the marketing photography is authentic to your brand as well.


When a person feels the authenticity behind a brand, they are more likely to become a customer or talk about the brand to others.


Add Value

There’s really no point in making content that doesn’t have some type of value to it.


While there may be some silly trends out there that don’t seem to have value, the value of those may be comedic. They are also popular, which means that your content is more likely to get better reach. You may want to engage in some of the trends, just make sure not to overdo it.


However, the videos you use most of the time should add value like tips and tricks, education about certain topics, or use storytelling that is relatable. Whenever you use these videos, be sure that you stay true to your voice.


Use Short-form Video Content for Your Content Marketing Strategy 

If you haven’t yet started to use short-form videos for your content marketing strategy, then now is the time! 


Most platforms are favoring short-form content and will push it out to reach more people. Because of that, your brand will thrive.


If you need help with your marketing strategy, photography, or videography, contact us! We’re here to help you grow.

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